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Jardin Blue Coffee Pot by Laure Japy - Limoges - Paris

Jardin Blue Coffee Pot by Laure Japy - Limoges - Paris

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Sold by The Blachere Group

Jardin Blue was one of the most popular patterns of the Laure Japy collection. The background is a bright blue and features brightly colored fruit such as lemons, oranges and cherries. The handle is the golden yellow as in many other pieces of the. collection. The colorful coffee pot allows for mixing it with pieces of Les Mocchettes or Provence.

Laura Japy-Lamoges of Paris, founded in 1986, is renowned for its Laura Japy line of bright and uniquely designed world of colorful fine porcelain tableware coordinates.

The Blachere Group, exclusive distributor for Laura Japy-Lamoges of Paris in the United States, supplied a host of the finest retailers in the country, such as Berdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and Compass Geary’s of Beverly Hills, for many years.

Now, Whiting Mills Marketplace, the exclusive eCommerce retailer for the Blachere Group, will be offering a variety of new, discontinued patterns, and select groupings of Laura Japy-Lamoges of Paris, to be sold at heavily reduced prices.


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